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You can add multiple announcements


Fill out the form

This is where Announcements will appear on your page
Click on the right side three dots to edit or toggle to turn off the announcement.
You can add a section to your page for special events.
This is where the events will be displayed.
Display In: must be “Content Area”
To edit or delete select the three dots on the right side of the page.
Schedule a call
You can add a section to your page for people to schedule a call with your team.
If you do not add this option it will not display on your page.
Schedule a call
If someone schedules a call they will select a time (this is based off your business hours), add their email, phone number, and comments.
You will receive an email letting you know someone wants to schedule an appointment. 
Schedule a call
1. In the Dashboard, Schedule a call area you can confirm the call and the person will receive an email. 
2. Contact information
Lead Form – ‘Contact Us’
1. The default form is ready to go. It already has name, email, phone, message. If you are happy with the way it looks then you do not have to change anything.
2. If you want to add more fields, click on the ‘+ ADD FORM FIELD’ and you will have several options to add to your ‘Contact Us’ form.
Lead Form – ‘Contact Us’
1. We recommend doing a couple test emails to make sure you are happy with how it looks.
2. To add your social icons here you need to add them in your profile. 
3. All email will be sent to your email and the inbox in your Dashboard
Special Offers
1. You can add a Special Offer Code
2. You can use a dollar or percent amount. You can also type in a phrase like ‘10% Discount’
3. Add a link to a special page on your website
4. Description should not be to long, check it after and make sure you are happy with how it looks
Special Offers
1. It is Important to make sure ‘Display In’ says ‘Sidebar Area’ or it will not display on your page.
2. Click the three dots to edit or delete
Special Offers
This is how the Special Offer will display on your page.
The ‘Book Now’ button will take people directly to the page or link to that you add.
This is where you can see all your different listings.
You can more listing with the  ‘Add a Business’ button from the top of the page.

Once your new listing is approved it will be displayed here with your other listings.

When someone sends you a message from ‘Lead Form/Contact Us’ it will appear here.
All messages will also be sent to your email where you can reply to the message.

A Red dot will appear if you have a new message

If you pay for a Ad or a Paid plan your invoices will appear here.
If you saved any listings that you previously looked at they will be displayed here.
Ad Campaigns
Click the ‘Add New’ button to start
Ads are displayed randomly in the sections they run in, this ensures all ads get displayed equally across the Dive Travel Review. 
Ad Campaigns
Select the listing you want to run an Ad Campaign on
Add the number of days
Choose what area of the site you want your ads to run on
All Ads will also run for free in other sections of the site like the Special Offers page, Job board, Forums and search pages.
On the right side you will see the total charges for your Ad Campaign
Click Pay Now to complete the process and get your campaign started. 
This is where all reviews can be managed from
Jobs Board
This is where you can post jobs and see your Job Dashboard

Fill out the form

This is where people can search for Jobs